REACHING FOR THE STARS.................. Blue Frenchies, looking to produce quality "Blues" in the Future.
Introducing the Silver Blue, Dark eyed, Gray nosed French Bulldog, "GIZMO" He is shown at 5 and 6 weeks of age in these photos. I hope to produce happy, healthy,  Blue pups in the Future.

This is "Aime", she is a brindle pied, BLUE CARRIER. Her sire is a pretty Blue male. I hope to mate her and Gizmo in 2013, for BLUE KIDS:) She is shown here at 12 weeks of age.
This is "Gizmo's mother "Indra", she is a blue fawn pied
This is Gizmo's dad
Aimee at 3 years old, acting aloof
Aimee's dad..     A Beautiful BLUE PIED
This is Gizmo's first litter from Kiwi, all pups are blue carriers
This is from Gizmo's first blue litter...from the left is the BLUE girl, Stella (who is living with the Scully family), then we have a BLUE FAWN, Hannah (who will be staying here with me) and then we have a BLUE PIED BOY, Max (who will be living with the De La Paz family and co-owned by me) .

This is Gizmo Jr a brindle boy, blue carrier who is going to be Max's sidekick  and is also with the De La Paz family and co-owned by me,
below, Stella and Hannah
MAX, blue pied
SALLY, black masked red, blue carrier GIRL
Sally's Dad "Jeremiah", black masked carrier
SARA, On the right, Sally's Mom
CRICKET,  Sara's MOM, Sally's  grandmother
BOUNCE, Blue fawn pied GIRL
HANNAH, blue fawn GIRL
MILLIE, Black brindle Gizmo x Lacey daughter, carries blue, will be bred to blue fawn "LEVI" 2015
Dad - "Gizmo"
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Mom - "Lacey"
"LEVI" Blue Fawn son of Gizmo and Aimee